Multi-Line Lubrication System

  • Multi-Line
  • Self-contained, programmable air operated pump
  • Suitable for oil and grease
  • Simple design (multiple feed lines, pump to point)
  • Positive Displacement Injector deliveries with dedicated injector and feed line
  • Suitable for small and medium sized applications
  • Easy installation and modification

HDE-XGS System Voltage Ranges: 12v DC - 440v AC
Reservoir Capacity: 4.4 lbs./2 quarts
Distribution Tubing: Black 5/32" OD nylon tubing used to route lubricant to each bearing point.  Ultra violet stabilized, burst pressure 2500 lbs./square inch.
Cycle Times: 3 min. - 17 hours
No. of Bearing Points: Up to 60 bearing points, depending on the size of the bearings.
Recommended Lubricants & their Temperature Ranges: 150 degrees F maximum ambient temperature.
Oils 150 SUS to 10,000 SUS
Grade 000 = All temperature conditions
Grade 00 = All temperature conditions
Grade 0 (most types) = Down to -35 F
Grade 1 (most types) = Down to -20 F
Grade 2 (most types) = Down to -5 F

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