Automatic Lubrication Systems

REDI-MOUNT™  Custom Lubrication Systems

Our pre-assembled cost effective automatic lubrication systems for Special and General Purpose Machinery. This will decrease your operating cost and increases machine efficiency. We offer single point and multi point lubrication systems to meet your specific needs.


Due to the COVID-19 virus and its worldwide affects, the availability of Groeneveld parts has been affected in the U.S. There may be items that are backordered. As soon as those items become available, they will typically ship directly from Groeneveld to you. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to shorten delays. Thank you for your understanding.

REDI-MOUNT™ Custom-Built Lubrication Systems are unique:

Each Centralized Automatic Lubrication System is designed, engineered and pre-assembled to satisfy the particular needs of individual machines. Once assembled the REDI-MOUNT™ Automated Package becomes an integral part of the machine. We are a distributor for a ATS Electro-Lube lubricators and have a wide selection of parts and components.

Our REDI-MOUNT™ Automatic Lubrication Systems are tailored to fulfill individual bearing needs. Installation is fast, easy and trouble-free. This ensures that critical bearings receive the correct volumes of lubricant at pre-programmed intervals to extend machine bearing life and performance.

  • Layout of distribution tubing is correctly connected to each critical bearing.
  • Lubricators have pre-set outputs to meet specific needs of each friction point.
  • System programmers, sensors and monitors safeguard valuable capital equipment.

REDI-MOUNT™ Custom-Built Automated Cabinet Packages eliminate detailed time consuming engineering and assembly procedures from the manufacturing shop floor. Each REDI-MOUNT™ Automated Lubrication Program is fully assembled and thoroughly tested to satisfy exacting standards prior to shipment.

Our Factory Engineers are available to answer any questions and provide full technical support on each individual package to assure maximum machine efficiency and longevity.