Customized Automatic Lubrication Packages

No matter how severe or how demanding, REDI-MOUNT Custom Designed Programmable Lubrication Units reach new heights to satisfy any industrial requirement.
(Including above ground level!).
Pumping Station
"Intelligent" multi-faceted pumpingsolutions for food processing industry.
Special pumping station in conjunction with unique Pumpmaster program, provide precise delivering of fluid and spray lubricant to critical points.
  • Designed to deliver precise volumes of metered oil or grease to critical bearings
  • Ability to deliver continuous or cyclic flows in Fluid, Droplets or Spray
  • Pressure sensors and low level indicator scan and monitor the entire automated system.

Advantages of Special Purpose Automated Lubrication:

  • Ability to deliver continuous or cyclic delivery, oil or grease outputs.
  • Systems operate in harsh or hazardous conditions.
  • Enclosed panels reduce tampering risk to protect critical equipment from surrounding environment.
  • Environment protection: Pressure washing or steam cleaning will not harm the automatic lubrication system components.
  • Built-in cabinet; individual application monitors and sensors offer all required "Failsafe" devices for smooth running lubricating systems.
  • "Easy-View" inspection through transparent enclosed panel windows.
  • All pumps factory tested and primed with lubricant.
  • Grease distribution lines pre-filled with approved grease (empty for oil systems)

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