Customized Lubrication Engineers From Design to Installation

From materials procurement down to the minute details of final assembly, our experienced engineering team of designers and installers offer customized lubrication systems to meet your needs.

We design single point and multi-point lubrication systems. We design systems that work in extreme climate conditions, or are UL and CUL certified to be intrinsically safe as are needed for oil field applications.

Our engineering group and support personnel cover all phases of hydro-mechanical and electronic instrumentation to achieve your goals. Our versatile designs accommodate all type of large and small applications for all conditions.

Our fully equipped systems installers insure that the lubrication system is totally integrated into your machinery. Our Custom designed lubrication system becomes the heart of your machine for efficient performance, reliability and maintenance-free operation.

Our Red-Mount systems are mounted in cabinets to protect components and a lighted LED gives at-a-glance information to personnel to ensure that systems are functioning properly.

REDI-MOUNT™ lubrication systems increase productivity to provide a quick return on your investment and increase your profit margins.

  • Customized Program Lubrication Packages designed for specific applications
  • Programmed lubrication system that deliver specific volumes of oil or grease to machines critical bearing points
  • Application engineering and installation analysis utilizing our accumulative 80+ years of experience
  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Programs
    • Outline procedures to meet your ongoing production goals
    • Be prepared for any unexpected contingencies
  • After Sales Service tailored to your individual needs

Customized Automatic Lubrication Packages

Your customized lubrication equipment details become permanent records in REDI-MOUNT™’S lubrications records to satisfy future service requirements.

Finally REDI-MOUNT™ can develop and devise solutions for applications with particular exacting needs. See our Customized Automatic Lubrication Systems.