Interlube GX System

Single-Line Lubrication System

  • Single Line
  • Compact, Self-contained, Fully Programmable , Motor Driven Cyclic Pump
  • Single line System, for Oil proportioning Devices (meter Units) and and fixed output Positive Displacement Units
  • Flexible designs
  • Economical, Moderate Pressures, Easy Maintenance
  • Small to medium/large machinery
Voltage Ranges:
GX System 230/240v 50/60Hz
110/120v 50/60Hz
Float Switch 150v AC 200v DC
0.7 A DC
Pressure Switch 42v max, 100 V A,
2.5 A max.
Interface Relay 240v AC 5A max.
Motor Type: Split phase permanent capacitor induction motor with thermal cut-out which has automatic reset (cut-out 85 degrees Celsius).
Reservoir Capacity: 3 or optional 6 liters
Output Stroke: .010cc – .060cc PDU type
0.25 ml – 2.5 ml Flow unit
Output Volume: 0.18L/min at 50Hz.
0.22L/min at 60Hz.
Operation Pressure: 375 PSI Nominal
Distribution Tubing: Black 5/32″ OD nylon tubing used to route lubricant to each bearing point.  Ultra violet stabilized, burst pressure 2500 lbs./square inch.
Cycle Times:
Timed Mode: ‘On’ Period 16 settings, 2 secs to 60 secs in 4 second increments.
Short range Delay 32 settings, 1 min. to 120 mins in 4 minute increments.
Long range Delay 32 settings, 10 min. to 1200 mins in 40 minute increments.

(If the ‘ON’ period exceeds 12 seconds, the ‘DELAY’ period must be 2 minutes or longer.)

Combination Mode: ‘Delay’ Period (Impulse Count) short range 32 settings, 1 sec. to 120 impulses in 4 impulse increments.
‘Delay’ Period (Impulse Count) long range 32 settings, 50 to 6000 impulses in 200 impulse increments.

(The pump ‘ON’ period should not exceed 12 seconds if the selected impulse count equates to less than 2 minutes.)

No. of Bearing Points: 1 to 30 bearing points
Recommended Lubricants &
their Temperature Ranges:
Viscosity up to ISO 220 Metered with PDU’s and Flow Units.
110 degrees F maximum ambient temperature (40Cmax).


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