Interlube LubePlus ‘E’ System

Single-Line Lubrication System

  • Single Line
  • Metered System
  • Compact Self-contained, Automatic Motor Driven Cyclic Pump
  • Use with Oil Proportioning Devices (meter flow units)
  • Flexible design
  • Small to medium sized machinery
  • Economical, low operating pressures, easy maintenance
Voltage Ranges: 115/230v 50Hz
50/60Hz IPL
Reservoir Capacity: 0.5, or 2 liters
Output Stroke: 0.25ml – 2.5ml Flow unit adjustable
Output Volume: 0.25ml – 75ml per hour
Operation Pressure: 60 psi
Distribution Tubing: Black 5/32″ OD nylon tubing used to route lubricant to each bearing point. Ultra violet stabilized, burst pressure 2500 lbs./square inch.
Cycle Times: 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 60 minute time cycles.
No. of Bearing Points: 1 to 20 bearing points depending on size of flow units
Recommended Lubricants & their Temperature Ranges: 20-1800 cSt oil 110 degrees F maximum ambient temperature (40Cmax).


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