Lubeit CESP Oiler

Whatever the Application We have the Solution

  • Cyclic Oil Lubricator
  • Resistance Metering Devices
  • Centralized Lubrication Equipment
  • Motorized Gear Pump
Technical: Maximum volume discharge, 135 cc/min
Maximum Operating Pressure, 10kgf/cm2
Electrical: 110V motor, 50Hz or 60Hz, 1.6A, 12W
220V motor, 50Hz or 60Hz, 0.6A, 12W
Distribution Tubing: 4mm or 6mm outside diameter tubing available (please specify)
Ordering Example: Model CESP lubricator, 110volt, 60Hz motor and low level switch, outlet bore suitable for 4mm tube connection
No. of Bearing Points: 1 to 30 bearing points
Features: Automatic cyclic operation gear pump driven by an electric motor and built-in adjustable timer. Models are available with either 110V or 220V electric motors. Various reservoir capacities are available in various materials. Assemblies are offered from 2,4 and 8 liter capacities. Lubricators are normally supplied with low oil switches as a standard feature. Standard is NO (normally open) which sends signal and energies a buzzer on low oil levels.


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