Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

REDI-MOUNT™ Automatic Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

Whatever the Application We have the Solution

Multi-Line Lubrication Systems are designed solely with your business needs in mind enabling your team to order and install each automatic lubrication system with as little difficulty as possible. To provide your business with the simplest and most cost-effective solutions, REDI-MOUNT™ has developed lubrication packages that offer lube solutions covering food processing plants to machine tools, mining equipment, aviation manufacturing, nuclear power plants, textile machinery, and beyond. All products are carefully inspected at our plant to ensure peak performance is maintained and that any specific or unique industry application needs are satisfied.  Our systems are manufactured to maintain machinery efficiency and longevity and we proudly serve a roster of satisfied Bluechip and Fortune 500 customers.

Multi-Line Systems: Individual lube points serviced by a common pump and each lubrication point is served by its own individual feed line and a dedicated pump mounted injector. In addition to the systems below, we suggest looking at multi-point lubrication systems on our ATS Electro-Lube section.

Single-Line Systems: a common single feed line distribution network distributes the lubricant to individual discharge devices which serve each bearing point. We recommend our line of ATS Single Point Lubricators.

Multi-Line System showing cabinet with LED display

REDI-MOUNT™ Lubricator Packages:

REDI-MOUNT™ user-friendly lubrication assemblies provide ease of installation and are backed with a full one year warranty as well as providing reliable lubrication of key friction components on your machine.

A variety of lubrication packages are offered, including pneumatic operation as well as self-contained electric motor driven operation. These units cover oil and grease Lubricants to protect critical bearings.

NOTE: All lubrication packages are factory tested and primed with lubricant.

All REDI-MOUNT™ grease packages tubing are pre-filled with approved grease.

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